RGS has studied and research for wood industry to ensure maximum efficiency of its products.

RGS understand the value of cleanliness, dust free environment and has knowledge to recycle wood and waste material generated by industrial machine process.

RGS offer products that ensure you effective cleaning and recovery of waste material coming from industrial machine process and wood work operations.

RGS Vacuum cleaners allow effective cleaning of workstations, clothes and machinery, even the difficult corners of area. The credit goes to extensive range of accessories and process of customizations that make machines ideal for wood industry.

We provide accessories that make work easy as if brushes with bristles made of soften materials has capability to clean finish products that too without any marks or scratches on product.

RGS products are capable to suck all residues of wood processing operations that can be connected with three-phase vacuum cleaner. Various types of filters and accessories work specifically with toxic wood.

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