The RGS vacuum cleaners discover their ideal application in the building industry in any architecture site or anywhere architecture materials are produced because there is regular presence of huge amounts of dust and debris.That’s why the use of a single-phase or three-phase RGS vacuum cleaner with a power up to 20 Kw can transform a dirty environment into a clean environment, thereby reducing maintenance caused by wear.

Our single-phase or three-phase Vacuum cleaners as well become an important device in the area of floor treatments to run with dry sanding machines and trimming machines.

Even many cement plants accepted our industrial vacuum cleaners as a suction unit, adjoining it to a network of pipes to make a centralized arrangement where the vacuumed material can be recovered in single place. This allows cleaning the area in short period and with optimized manpower.

RGS not only supply but also manufacture Pneumatic Conveyor systems that accept the assignment of transporting the actual material (e.g. cement or any other granule material), from one point of the facility to another.

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