For last many years, the RGS serving clients in various ceramic sectors and industries.

We have huge range of products that has been used by industries and those are:

Industrial vacuum cleaners whose strength, performance and storage capacity makes them an actual able cleaning machine, ensuring best results in the constant collection of huge amounts of dust and debris, as well as ink residues from digital printing machines.

Centralized Vacuum Systems are designed and developed according to the specific requirements, consisting of single or multiple suction units, self-cleaning sleeve or cartridge filter, separators and unloading containers for vacuuming various points simultaneously. This reduces the time spent on cleaning machines, conveyor belts and floors, and allows channeling the sucked product to an individual point.

Pneumatic conveyors sourced for the loading of the frit, oxides or other ceramic decorating products; they as well grant the precised dosing of the materials transported with the support of appropriate sensors, load cells and accessories produced by us.

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