Suction Units For Centralized Vacuum Systems

The pump or the suction unit creates a vacuum inside the transferring line (piping and material arriving filter) which generates an air flow that transports the product in the process of centralized vacuum system.



Suction units with side lateral turbine placed in a soundproof housing in painted steel RAL 7001 or in stainless steel Aisi 304. Each suction unit is equipped with an anti-vibration system, an output silencer, vacuum meter for work point indication, relief valve and an aspiration junction They are available in 2 versions: -high flow version (K) for all the systems with shorts distances and aspiration of light products with a specific weight under 1 KG/L -high vacuum version for all the systems with an extensive expansion and aspiration of heavy products, generally with a specific weight over 1 KG/L. It is necessary to utilize control box available in version with soft-start or inverter for controlling and starting suction units. Available the following versions, divided by power:- 7.5KW in high vacuum and high flow version- 11KW in high vacuum version- 8.5KW in high flow version- 12.5KW in high flow version- 2X7.5KW with double pump in high flow version- 20KW in high vacuum and high flow version- 25KW in high flow version


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