Dense Phase Conveyors

High vacuum conveyors


Dense phase conveying is the conveying in which the air speed is further reduced to a value under 10 m/s and the vacuum is increased to values over 800mbar. The air speed is not able to generate a suffi cient force to allow the product particles fl oating. The product remains therefore compact and is completely conveyed in "blocks" (plugs). The energy needed for this conveying condition is comparable with the half-dense phase one but it is applicable also for the transport of viscous or liquid products.

RGS Vacuum Solutions offers a pneumatic conveyor system suitable to transfer mixed powders with different specific weights : with an high depression and low flow rate , you can keep the homogeneity of the product.

The loading hopper Ø220mm is realized in stainless steel AISI 316L mirror polished , with 9 or 15 lt of capacity. It is combined with an high vacuum pump with painted or stainless steel housing, available with different powers.

This pneumatic conveyor is especially used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

RGS can realize complete systems with loading cells and dosing systems, according to customer specifications.

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