The RGS industrial vacuum cleaners are specially designed for the needs of the aerospace industry.

The numerous models with compressed air motors or electric motors, in stainless steel or painted, are acceptable for cleaning inside the aircrafts as well as engines and fuel tanks during maintenance.

For this, RGS suggests a kit that allows sucking up debris mixed with oil, and again dividing them so that the oil allotment can be regained.

RGS has suggested a range of industrial vacuum cleaners particularly for the purpose of vacuuming big amounts of oil, called "OIL" series.

Each machine also comes in an ATEX Flameproof industrial vacuum cleaner (certified for zones 1, 2, 21, 22) for operating in potentially flammable environments.

A centralized vacuum system can be used during the designing and formation of aircrafts, accepting different areas of the plant to be cleaned and the vacuumed materials to be conveyed to single point.

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