Compressed Air Pneumatic Conveyors

The pneumatic conveyor AVD is a specialized vacuum unit to transport pharmaceutical compound to the hopper of compression machine without disturbing the homogeneity of the mixture. It works with a Venturi system (compressed air generator), and it is therefore particularly suitable for an use in environments where electric power is forbidden or absent.The installation of the AVD is very simple and does not require any additional space the hopper and the pneumatic panel can be fitted through the opposite optional stand, and the machine is ready to work.

Air compressed pneumatic conveyors


RGS Vacuum Solutions offers pneumatic conveyors systems and loading hoppers working with compressed air (thanks to a Venturi system). These models are solid and self running; they can be controlled by an electrical control box or by a pneumatic control box, that allow to work in ATEX environments or where the electricity is forbidden or absent.
For toner industry, RGS has realized a specific pneumatic conveyor with compressed air, cheaper than the model suitable for pharmaceutical or food sector.

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