RGS has been operating in the steel industry for many years and during this time has gained a lot of experience that has enabled the company to understand the basic needs of customers.

In fact, the metalworking industry produces a lot of scrap that, if not removed for a long period of time, can be an obstacle for operators and lead to equipment failure and machine downtime for cleaning, thus reducing productivity.

To prevent these situations, RGS offers industrial vacuum cleaners with high capacities and power levels of up to 20 Kw that can also collect heavy dust quickly and work continuously, thus keeping the area clean and ensuring correct running of the production process.

All the vacuum cleaners are highly customisable, and come with separators of 100 to 600 litres. They also come supplied with specific kits such as filters able to withstand high temperatures, thus suitable to collects hot scraps and swarf.

If large amounts of scrap need to be vacuumed, or if the machines to be cleaned have parts that are difficult to reach with a simple vacuum cleaner, a centralised system can be installed with various suction outlets.

For this purpose, the suction unit can also be a three-phase vacuum cleaner.

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