Lean Phase Conveyors

RGS design and provide innovative solutions for Lean Phase Powder Conveying to be used in pharma formulation to load shifter, RMG’s, Milling Machines, Blenders etc. and can be put to use for various Powder Transfer related needs without dust generation & product loss. The systems are designed keeping in mind the hygiene and sanitation needs of the industry. The loading hoppers and parts in contact are in SS316L and are completely washable with flexibility to use with variety of powders & granular products.

Lean phase or Fluid phase conveying, where the air speed inside the transportation line is normally from 20 to 40 m/s with a maximum vacuum of 400/500 mbar. The air speed of the product particles is remarkably lower but sufficient to avoid material settlement inside the transportation line. The advantages of the fluid phase conveying are the possibility of conveying big quantities of material and the big distances that can be reached.