Food & Beverages

Solutions offered by RGS Vacuum Solutions to food industry for transferring the powdered and granular material from one location to other in close loop with precised dosing are widely accepted among almost all the food processing companies. The systems offered results in Dust free operation, spillage control, keeping integrity of the product impact, maintaining hygiene and more importantly optimizes the manpower need to carry the production process.

The quality of the food is actual important because it can generally be flammable and explosive (as in the case of flour, cereals and sugar), accordingly it becomes very important to decide machines and accessories certified by ATEX to plan in potentially explosive areas. These types of equipments are the part of standard machines manufactured by RGS.

Several years of studies and collaborating with industry experts has enabled RGS to offer the alternatives in Industrial Vacuum cleaners, Centralized Vacuum Systems and Pneumatic transfer systems.

Industrial Vacuum cleaners can be provided with single-phase motor, three-phase motor, compressed air operated and battery-operated motor to be used in cleaning the work areas of industries, but can as well be a fundamental tool for the final disposal of waste and for preventing the accident of residuals being reintroduced into the production process.

Powder Transfer systems are instead an important tool for the loading of food powders or granules on mixing or packaging machines.

RGS as well produces pneumatic conveyor systems which are specially designed for the Food, Pharma, personal care, chemical and almost all kind of process industry, fabricated absolutely in AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel with automated cutting analysis with finish up to 0.02 Ra, ideal for any type of single-component powder.

For ATEX classified environments, we provide a huge variety of ATEX-certified Vacuum cleaners and systems for use in zones 2, 21 and 22.

Practical, lightweight, simple to handle and effective, our ONE Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for use in bakeries to efficient and effective clean ovens, credit goes to accessories and different types of pipes we manufactured.

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