RGS India has manufactured Pneumatic conveyors system to convey clarified products in olive-oil mills, wineries and distilleries.

The defined models for the wine industry are available in single-phase and three-phase versions:

The single phase pneumatic conveyors are especially acceptable for small vacuum filters and flooding filters for wine clarification.

The three-phase Powder Transfer Systems is acceptable for loading many vacuum filters.

The product can be sucked up by using nozzle pipe in the or can be collected with an automated big-bag emptying/filling arrangement of up to 1,300 kg, as well as weighing systems with loading cells produced by us.

Another outstanding alternative are the RGS Vacuum cleaners for dust or liquids, which can be adjusted for the cleaning of factories and wineries, but as well to run alongside wine bottling or packaging machines.

They ensure effective cleaning, acceptable the standard of the final product to achieve world class cleaning standards at customers place.

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