RGS offers Pneumatic conveyors that can handle huge range of products which are powdered, delicate & Granular in nature with multiple and single loading hopper in chemical sector and in chemical industry safety is major issue as there could be abrasive and flammable nature of raw material. RGS provide ATEX certified systems that are suitable in flammable zones and they can move product ranging from 5 Meters to 150 Meters using fluid and dense phase conveyor.

RGS All systems and products are designed as per industry needs and customer’s specific usage, safety, hygiene and ease. Our products are maintenance free. Many of products like suction units and hoppers including accessories and piping is also available in coated version. The softwares are designed according users requirement and need.

One can use Air operated powder transfer system for small quantity. It always comes with ATEX certification. In Chemical sector RGS Air operated vacuums are highly acceptable and usable.

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