Online Dust Extractors & Systems

RGS with their complete range of Dust Collector & Fume Extraction System has become the preferred choice of the clients looking to have safe, healthy & accident free environment in production areas. The white range starting from 0.37 kw to 4 kw is ideally suitable for food, pharmaceutical & cosmetic segment. The high airflow Dust Collector are available to suck from more than 5 points of extraction to multiple points depending upon the area & points to be covered. The range starts from 1.1 kw to 20 kw as standard units. The dust collectors are available with manual and automatic filter cleaning with choice of filtration media & type based upon the product type to be sucked using dust collector. Units are available in mobile and stationary versions. ATEX complaint Dust Extraction Systems are available to be used in hazardous areas.

RGS designs and manufactures continuous duty maintenance free dust collector and fume extraction systems for single and multiple points of extraction. The units with smaller footprint are available from 0.3 Kw to 7.5 Kw and high power units can be used for multiple and centralized extraction. Our range of products are user friendly, easy to operate and clean. The range of filtration starts from 5 micron, polyester filter to ulpa filters at exhaust which makes these systems environment friendly.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical industries works with small and medium batch and has fine and granular powder to process and RGS dust collectors placed in production area or on service floors help to capture the free dust which may lead to cross contamination. RGS continuous duty Dust Collectors are manufactured following cGMP guidelines. Area of use- Granulation Area, Compression Area, Blister packing Area (Trim Extractors) etc.

Food & Beverages: Having understood the high hygienic requirements of F&B industry RGS has designed best of class, online dust extraction system and fume extraction system with lesser footprints & high efficiency to extract free dust generated during various manufacturing processes.

Cosmetics: This industry works with lots of powder ingredients and flavors and extraction of lose dust and fumes becomes important to save the integrity of the product and RGS with their Powder coated & SS range of dust extraction system and fume extraction system can make the production & RM area odour and dust free.

OEM: Continuous duty, maintenance free Online Dust Collector with single and multiple extraction point are the best choice for OEM industry. RGS also offers customized solutions for OEM industry which are based on specific requirements from OEM’s according to the industry type.

Automobile: This segment has huge and heavy metal dust to collect with lots of welding fumes in the production atmosphere. RGS online dust extraction system and fume extraction system with single and multiple extraction points are the best choice for extraction of dust and fume from grinding, buffing and polishing stations. RGS offers best of quality Centralized Vacuum System to collect settled and heavy metal dust on floors and machines.

Textile: In textile Industry, lots of fly and fluff is generated which settles on floors, ducts and Production machinery. RGS dust extractors which are mobile and with higher tank capacity can easily collect suspended fly and fluff without interrupting production process.

Ceramic: Industry works with huge dust so with our Centralized Vacuum System we help our customers in collection of spillages from various points and bring it to a common point of collection. Our Online Dust Extraction Systems captures the free dust from the production environment and with high efficiency long lasting filters the dust is retained in the collection tank.

Nuclear Power: In Nuclear power, RGS’ Flameproof Fume Extraction System and Dust Extraction System are suitable to use for making a safe working atmosphere.

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