ONE63ECOHX1 – New vacuum cleaners for bakery ovens and pastry

ONE63ECOHX1 – New vacuum cleaners for bakery ovens and pastry

RGS presents the new single-phase vacuum ONE63ECO HX1, made specifically for cleaning ovens, in close cooperation with specialists in the sector.

This model, designed specifically for the food industry, maintains all the features of his brother ONE63ECO by adding better security consists of several elements.

The result is a machine easy to handle and easy to carry, which keep  the power of three motors, combined with an exceptional and constant filtration efficiency composed of a star-shaped filter  for high temperatures (up to 250 ° C.) and an absolute filter: the whole is run by an electric control box combined with the machine.

During the design has been planned to use construction materials with characteristics suitable to the specificity of this application paying particular attention to the elimination of air leaks through seals and dedicated pairs.

Made in collaboration with specialists in the sector, this vacuum cleaner is incomparable for its robustness and reliability.

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