Features Of an Ideal Industrial Vacuum Cleaner- Buying Guidelines

An excellent industrial vacuum cleaner has become one of the most fundamental necessities of life these days. This cleaning companion doesn’t only provide you a hygienic place to work, but also saves you from various diseases by offering a germ-free environment.

Our company RGS provides high-quality vacuum cleaners as well as pneumatic conveying systems with latest technologies. Our offerings also include Centralized Vacuum Systems, Online Dust Extractor, and Centralized Vacuum Systems along with their accessories. Our team consists of qualified professionals and technical experts that provide a quality immediate customer support services to our clients.

Today, we would like to share some important points you need to keep in mind while selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. Since buying these highly-priced cleaning partners can be a significant investment, it is always recommended to be aware of certain factors to make sure that they are worth your money and efforts.

So, here are the characteristics of an industrial vacuum cleaner you need to consider before buying an ideal industrial vacuum cleaner.

  • Powerful Suction Pump: The vacuum suction power is one of the most significant features to be considered before you purchase an industrial vacuum cleaner. It depends on how powerful the suction pump is and can be checked in our trial room or at site the running applications of vacuum cleaner on various dirty surfaces. The trial room staff should be willing to support you and help you with the process of cleaning using RGS state of art industrial vacuum cleaner. They would not hesitate to throw dirty stuff you ask for if they are sure about their product. This way you can test the efficiency and reliability of the product you have selected.

    The technical document carton of the vacuum cleaner provides you all the information you need regarding the power and capabilities of the product. Although you have all the information handy, yet it is always recommended to test the product yourself so that you are completely satisfied. In addition to the suction power, check the suction hose for any holes &cuts. If the hose has holes, then even the powerful suction will not be very effective.

  • Filters of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: Filter being the most important part of an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner needs to be chosen according to the product being collected by the vacuum cleaner. Filters not only monitors the efficiency of vacuum cleaners but also prevents fine dust going back to the atmosphere. Filters are available in ‘L’, ‘M’ & ‘H’ category in polyester with PTFE coating & completely membrane filters means if product to be sucked is sticky or hygroscopic in nature, the industrial Vacuum cleaner needs to be provided with ‘M’ category filter to avoid accumulation of dust on filter surface.

    For free flowing & non sticky product ‘L’ category polyester filter is sufficient to maintain efficiency of Vacuum Cleaner.

    To collect product which are at high temperature and to be sucked using a vacuum cleaner Normax filter are recommended.

    In case of fine powders where chances are bright that powder can escape from primary ‘L’ & ‘M’ category filters cat ‘H’ filters are recommended. ‘H’ category Hepa filters are used after ‘L’ or ‘H’ category filters which are available in H13 & H14 variants. These ‘H’ category filters can be used in upstream as well as in downstream in a vacuum cleaner.

  • Collection Tank: The capacity of tank also play a vital role in selecting the industrial vacuum cleaner for your application, which is completely dependent on the volume of dust debris & liquids to be collected using a vacuum cleaner in a day.

  • Body/ Construction of Vacuum Cleaner: When we talk about Industrial or Commercial vacuum cleaner the first thing which comes into mind is robustness of vacuum cleaner as this is to be used in commercial and industrial workplace including production, warehouse, utility & office areas, so the best suited vacuum cleaners for a commercial or manufacturing industry should be completely in metal body, compact and movable.

  • Duration of Usage – Single Phase or Three Phase: To make a right choice of industrial vacuum cleaner & to run these machines without to much of maintenance user must know the run time of machines in a day, means if machine is to be used for more than 5-6 hours in a day and user may have to run the machine continuously more than 45 min to 24 hrs then Three phase continuous duty vacuum cleaners are recommended. In case of intermediate and short time uses single phase industrial vacuum cleaner with one, two or three motors should be the preferred choice.

    If user makes a choice having considered above mentioned points the life & performance of vacuum cleaners is guaranteed & RGS Team is always available in helping our perspective clients in making the right choice for best suited vacuum cleaner for therir applications. Our state of art and robust vacuum cleaners has becomes the preferred choice for the customers working in the field of food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

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